car rental management software

In order to give the auto rental industry a competitive edge, Open Travel Software has introduced their Automobile Rental SystemÔ.  This system is a fully functional and highly robust management tool for the small and independent automobile rental agency.    Our system is a comprehensive agency and rate management system that is easily installed and maintained.  Most importantly, the system is built around an intuitive interface and is exceptionally easy to use.    

Comprehensive Features

·        Comprehensive:  All major management functions are included

·        Intuitive use:  User Interface (UI) designed to support the business process

·        Cost:  Exceptionally low cost

·        Compliments RFP Marketplace

·        Standards compliant to allow for interoperability

o       With the industry standards bodies

o       With the W3C coding conventions

Future Features: 

·        Easily translatable:  Designed to be readily translated into multiple languages (a localized interfaced, globalized data)

·        GDS interface

·        CRM module

·        Detailed accounting module

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